7DRL 2015 – Day 5 Status Update

The story so far

  • Saturday: Suddenly realize it is the week of the 7drl challenge.
  • Sunday: Never made a game before. No detailed plans. Decide to try anyway. Start coding at around 11:30 PM…
  • Monday (Day 1): Have been working on another Javascript project recently so I feel like I have momentum. I’ll use RoT.js.
  • Use the tutorial at Coding Cookies to get a foundation. Strip out stuff I don’t need like inventory and experience.
  • Start on gameplay idea based loosely on card games. You randomly draw a hand of cards (prayers, spells, whatever). You can only ‘play’ so many per turn/level/whatever. Not straying too far from the basic roguelike formula as I’m expecting a lot of effort just to make a game that works.
  • Got an @ walking around in a dungeon.
  • Tuesday: I need a theme. Anything but goblins. I dunno, lobsterfolk? Sure. Sounds good. Ooh, and they can have an Atlantissy dungeon. And the player’s god and abilities can be sea themed. Okay, this works.
  • Add a few lobsterfolk enemies and start working on abilities system.
  • Wednesday: Didn’t have a lot of time today. Implement a few abilities.
  • Thursday: Implement more abilities.
  • Today: Still need a title.  Probably going with Chitinous Crooks.

To do in the next 3 days

  • A few more abilities.
  • Some less boring enemies.
  • Rewrite most of the ability names.
  • Win condition
  • Victory Screen
  • Failure Screen
  • Graphics (Optional)