My #js13kgames Faves

I finally played through 100+ js13kgames entries. It was hard to narrow it down but here are some of my favorites.

  • Bubble Trap - A clever puzzle game about editing levels to control the paths of bubbles. I had to stop playing when telling colors apart got more important, but what I played was really well done.
  • Evil Glitch - Really polished arena shooter. Maybe just me but I’m feeling kind of a 2D Devil Daggers vibe.
  • Fix the Glitch - Go into the computer zone and solve an assortment of neat computer themed puzzle minigames.
  • Glitch Blob - Addictive fish tank simulator. Amazing use of CSS for the graphics.
  • Glitch in outer space - Top down puzzle adventure game just full of atmosphere. I got stuck but I want to come back to this one.
  • Glitchformer - I won’t spoil it but the glitch mechanic in this game is so great. Would love to see it expanded upon.
  • Phosphorous Dating - Match up 90s couples based on their profiles. Strangely immersive. Super-polished retro-Windows UI.
  • Super Chrono Portal Maker - A puzzle platformer that has it all.
  • Theo’s Escape - Great looking one-button platformer. Don’t give up at the cogs! There’s more to see!
  • GLITCHICKEN - Fantastic use of the theme. Abuse glitches in collision code and more to make your escape.
  • Tonder - A really clever take on Guess Who where the game gives you the answers and have to figure out the question. All wrapped up in a super-slick dating app UI.