Mending the Flag

Problem: LED USA flag sign looks like this.

LED USA Sign Before

Let’s open it up and look inside.

LED Circuits


Okay. Let’s test along all circuits for continuity by poking with our Hi-tech LED Testing Tool.

Hi-Tech LED Testing Tool

Sorry. This post was not intended as any sort of buzz marketing. Any brand of battery will work, I promise.

The tool can test 3 or 4 LEDs at a time. Some of the bad LEDs break the circuit, and others just don’t light up. For now, mark all the bad LEDs.

Mark the bad LEDs

Permanent markers are a great repair tool.

Okay, now snip out all the bad LEDs and solder in new ones.

Good LED. Bad LED.

There were a lot of bad LEDs. I saw some dents on a few of them. I think what happened was the sign took a hard fall at some point.

Dead LEDs.

Apparently, this type of short stubby LED is sometimes called a ‘straw hat’.

The new LEDs are a little brighter than the old ones, but from a distance it should be fine.

USA flag LED sign after.

Looks good!